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Yugoslavia Daily News: [ Updated 30 November ]
A Yugoslavia EC Classic: A Tale of Three Soldiers 



A Guide to
EC Articles

* Israel
* Yugoslavia
* 9-11


(1) History of Israel and of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

(2) Anti-Semitism: history and current manifestations.

(3) How anti-Semitism is used to further the aims of the US-led Empire.

(4) Debates on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


(1) Media misinformation about the 1999 bombing of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, Bosnia, and Yugoslavia in general...

(2) Serbs, Muslims, Albanians and Croats - who stood for what, and who did what and to whom

(3) NATO sponsorship of the Kosovo Liberation Army

(4) First hand accounts of what happened in Kosovo after the 1999 NATO/UN takeover

(5) The realities of nation building under NATO and UN rule in the new Kosovo

(6) The big picture: US goals in the Balkans, some relevant material on the history of the CIA

(7) Neo-liberalism and NATO financing behind the overthrow of Yugoslav democracy in October 2000

(8) Life in Yugoslavia after the October 2000 coup

(9) The Hague Tribunal - Justice or travesty of Justice?

(10) Why Serbs feared rule by Albanian secessionists, Bosnian Islamic fundamentalists and Croatian neo-fascists (and you would too...)



(1) Evidence of high-level government complicity

(2) Interviews related to 9-11 & Afghanistan

(3) Osama Bin Laden's involvement in Western attacks on Afghanistan and the Balkans. Evidence he kept his ties with the CIA.

(4) US/West European links to Islamic Fundamentalism

(5) Evidence that "Strategic Racism" is the method of the US/Euro Empire.

(6) What is the US/Euro Strategy in Central Asia? We argue that it's not about oil...

Jared Israel said Mahathir is an Antisemite.  Did he quote Mahathir out of Context?
This question is significant because if our editor is wrong then he cannot be right when he posits that Mahathir was serving as the advance guard of the US and European establishments which wish to encourage political antisemitism but cannot yet do so openly.
- John Flaherty

Footnote added with text concerning Mahathir's marriage of antisemitism and anti-Chinese racism in Malaysia.
[December 5 2003]

Who is Mahathir, former Prime Minister of Malaysia? Hint: Not just an anti-Semite

April 1999: Mahathir tells NATO to Invade Kosovo
Comment by Jared Israel
[1 December 2003]

What do the European Union, George W. Bush and Malaysian ex-PM Mahathir have in common?
(Could it be they're all pushing the politics of anti-Semitism?)

by Jared Israel
[Posted 26 November 2003]
Correction: A footnote on Scott Ritter and Robin Cooke states that Ritter switched from Hawk to Dove without any explanation between 3 and 5 pm on Dec. 16th, 2000, during interviews on NBC TV. The year was of course 1998.

Please note: Jared Israel wrote new material after receiving thought-provoking comments from readers in Germany and Australia. The link above includes the additions. If you'd like to be able to see what's new, I've posted the text with the new material highlighted at:
 -- John Flaherty

Well-known leftist scholar explains the errors in the anti-Israel world-view he helped popularize

Nathan Weinstock on Marx, the Arab-Jewish Conflict and Lazy Thinking
Translated from the French by Colin Meade
Comment by Jared Israel

[9 November 2003]

Neo-Nazi gives closing speech at University of Pennsylvania's 'Islam Awareness Week'

Islamist-Nazi Alliance Reborn on U.S. Campus?
Prof. Francisco Gil-White's Guest Editorial in the Daily Pennsylvanian [The comments at the bottom of Guest Editorial are worth reading.]
[5 November 2003]

Documents Confirming Mufti of Jerusalem's Role as a Leading Instigator of the Holocaust
Text of footnote 12 of the above editorial. Contains two documents and comments by Jared Israel.

What U.S. policy in Bosnia meant for one of the Muslim families the U.S. was 'helping'...

Everything is Lost: A Mother's Story
Interview in the Bosnian newsweekly, Dani
Comments by Jared Israel
[28 October 2003]

Izetbegovic is dead. As the US & Iran unite in praise of this Bosnian leader, we ask...

Who was Alija Izetbegovic?
by Francisco Gil-White
Comments by Jared Israel
[21 October 2003]

What the BBC Cut from an Interview with Jared Israel
Audio file, transcript and comments by John Flaherty
[Posted 29 August 2003 - Re-posted with new comments
16 October 2003]

Did Ramsey Clark Help Milosevic?

Part 1: Why did Ramsey Rush to Belgrade?
In response to readers' questions, EC editors analyze information almost nobody knows.
by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser
[Posted 11 October 2003]

Da li je Remzi Klark pomagao Milosevicu?
Deo 1: Zasto je Remzi pohitao u Beograd?

The Krsljanin Tapes Part 1: Conversation of 30th May
* Comments by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser
* Audio File and Transcript 

[Posted 29 September 2003; Jared Israel's comments revised 11 PM ET Sept. 30th]]

In response to a campaign of slander by people working with former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, which has paralyzed the Milosevic defense campaign, Emperor's Clothes releases this audio tape and transcript making clear who is lying and who is telling the truth.
Razgovori Krsljaninom, Deo Prvi

On April 20, a Day Sacred to Neo-Nazis, Ramsey Clark's Group Attacked 'The Jews'!
A note from EC Deputy Editor Francisco Gil-White

[Posted 12 September 2003]

Part 2 of the historic exposÚ, 'Guilty for 9-11!'

Mr. Cheney's Cover-up
by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel
[Re-Posted 11 September 2003]

With millions asking, "What happened to the US Air Force on 9-11?" Vice President Cheney tries to confuse the issue on 'Meet the Press.'

Part 1 of the historic exposÚ, 'Guilty for 9-11!'

Guilty for 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers! - Part 1
by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel
[Re-Posted 10 September 2003]

The ExposÚ that for the first time charged, and documented the charge, that the US Air Force was made to stand down on September 11th!

"I refuse to be tainted by association with Fascism"
Colin Meade's statement regarding attacks on Emperor's Clothes.
by Colin Meade, with an introduction by Jared Israel

[Posted 28 August 2003]

Colin Meade refers to the effect on him of reading the Rambouillet "Peace Agreement". Appendix B of that document was almost surely written to make it impossible for Yugoslavia to sign. See the full text of Appendix B, with notes by Jared Israel. Also see Prof. Francisco Gil-White's analysis of NATO's Rambouillet strategy.

Dr. Pasquino v. EC Editor Israel: Two Different Planets... A back-and-forth debate that we think reveals a mental malady afflicting academia. Judge for yourself.
[Posted 19 August 2003]
For letter regarding this exchange, see "Come on, admit it!"

The exchange above concerns the removal of Prof. Gil-White's essay on the politics of suicide terror. We think that article, posted below , breaks new ground.

Suicide Terror in Israel Today: How do the Nazi roots of the Palestinian movement help explain it?
For more on this, see presentation on this page.

Nazi Financier Francois Genoud Bankrolled Lawyer Jacques Verges and Muslim Terrorists.
Who was Genoud?

by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser
[Posted 18 August 2003]

Jacques Verges Says he's Milosevic's Attorney.
It's a Lie.
by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser
[Posted 18 August 2003]

Palestinian Suicide Terror
14-part debate on a crucial issue

Overview * Table of Contents of Debate

* Debate Participants Take a Stand on Erasing of Gil-White's Post! *
Latest post:
"Dr. Pasquino v. EC Editor Israel: Two Different Planets..." 

* Readers Speak Out!*
Latest post:
"Come on, admit it!" 19 Aug 9:05 PM ET

Emperor's Clothes deputy editor Prof. Francisco Gil-White was recently invited to participate in an academic discussion of suicide bombing on the "Interdisciplines" Website. This developed into a sharp, general debate on the Arab-Israeli conflict between Prof. Gil-White and three other participants. We've collected 14 of the most revealing and interesting posts. Go to Table of Contents.

Whatever your current opinions about the Middle East, this debate is a must-read.

You will see the pro-PLO arguments which dominate US universities in head-to-head combat with the arguments of an anti-PLO scholar, Prof. Gil-White. Such a clear confrontation almost never occurs.

It is especially educational for people who, like the editors of Emperor's Clothes, used to support the PLO because they were swayed by emotional arguments instead of studying the record. The three pro-PLO academics put forward widely held beliefs, aggressively asserting that they are based on established fact - only to have said "facts" exploded by Gil-White. At the same time, Prof. Gil-White develops a unified theory for understanding Palestinian suicide bombing. This culminates in his final post. There he brilliantly explains suicide terror as political theater staged by Palestinian leaders in reckless contempt for "their" people. The goal? To provide "evidence" of alleged Jewish "oppression" for a worldwide movement based - once again! - on hatred of Jews.

I found Gil-White's argument compelling. Apparently others found it impossible to refute because a moderator erased Gil-White's post - twice! - and refused to put it back. Censorship is the greatest compliment.

Wherever you stand, read this debate. If anyone feels they could have argued these pro-PLO positions better, we will post any *documented* opinion against Gil-White. There's nothing like intellectual combat to separate facts from fallacies.

-- Jared Israel, Editor
Above text continued...                   


Debate Participants Take a Stand

Dr. Pasquino v. EC Editor Israel: "Two Different Planets...
Back-and-forth between Dr. Pasquale Pasquino and Jared Israel.

"The moderator was wise to suspend Gil-White's postings."
Letter from Basel Saleh, Kansas State University

"Wise if 'wisdom' means censoring when the facts prove you're wrong."
Reply from Jared Israel, Editor, Emperor's Clothes

"Gil-White is unrealistic, extravagant"
Letter from Pasquale Pasquino, CNRS Institut Jean Nicod - EHESS, Paris.
Reply by Jared Israel, Editor, Emperor's Clothes


Readers Speak Out on Terror Debate

"Come on, admit it!" Posted 19 August
Letters to EC from Luke B. and Joseph K. with reply from Jared Israel

"I am amazed by the censorship and intolerance"
Letter to EC from Richard R.

"Are you sure you are a philosopher?"
Letter to Gloria Origgi from David P.

"What's wrong with the other debaters?"
Letter to EC from Walter T.

"Is Gloria Origgi against historical explanation?"
Letter to Gloria Origgi from Igor K.

"And the score is. . ."
Letter to EC from Andy P.

"This Site Is Fascinating!"
Letter to EC from Gabriel A.

"Like a dog to a bone!"
Letter to EC from Di

"I am very disappointed..."
Letter to Gloria Origgi from FB

"Why, exactly, did you find it necessary to remove Professor Francisco Gil-White's final post?"
Two letters to Gloria Origgi from Roy F.

"Was the Irgun Terrorist or Not?"
Letter to EC from Robin G.

"I disagree but greatly respect your integrity!"
Letter to EC from Jeff

Attorney Asks, 'Does your Research Show that Hague Prosecutor Arbour Conferred with NATO Politicians before Indicting Milosevic?'
Jared Israel replies
* An EC Classic *
[Posted 12 June 2002 * Re-posted 2 August 2003]

As Milosevic Calls for a Defense Center in The Netherlands, Hague Tribunal's Carla del Ponte Swears she'll have Proof that he's Guilty...in October
by Jared Israel
[Posted 1 August 2003]

If Richard Cheney's clique is really pro-Israeli, then...

Why did Defense Sec'y Cheney Advocate Forcing Israel to Accept a Palestinian State in 1989?
[Posted 10 July 2003]

A letter on the Gil-White / Davidson Debate

"What I found most striking was their different standards of evidence..."
[Posted 10 July 2003]

Debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

When Academics Attack Israel, Do They Have the Facts?
Francisco Gil-White, from the University of Pennsylvania, critiques the views of Lawrence Davidson, from West Chester University

by Francisco Gil-White
[Posted 9 July 2003]

Davidson Replies to Gil-White
by Lawrence Davidson
[Posted 9 July 2003]

It was two years ago, on 28 June, the Serbian holiday of Vidovdan...

The Kidnapping of Milosevic and the Theft of the Serbs' Only Treasure
By Petar Makara
[Originally posted 5 July 2001 - Reposted 29 June 2003]

Correction: Jared Israel wrote that Petar Makara has spent the past *20* years correcting misinformation about Yugoslavia. It should be the last *12* years.

An insult to the victims of horrific Nazi butchery

Pope's Bosnian Visit: A Blot on the Catholic Church
by Ana Dacic and Petar Makara
Edited by Jared Israel

[Posted 22 June 2003]

Fourth article in our investigative series on Ramsey Clark...

How Ramsey Clark Labored to Protect Nazi ╔migrÚs
And he's still doing it...
by Nico Varkevisser and Jared Israel

[Posted 19 June 2003]

Ramsey Clark and the Agenda of the US-led Empire - an in-depth report

Ramsey Clark's IAC Accuses us of Slander, but they get the facts wrong...
Letter from the International Action Center
Reply by Nico Varkevisser and Jared Israel

[Posted 14 June 2003]

Visit this link for the Serbian translation
[Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom]

Editor of Emperor's Clothes in Holland...

Nico Varkevisser Meets with President Milosevic
[Posted 4 June 2003]

Emperor's Clothes is now in a Stunningly Contradictory Position...

An Urgent Appeal from Emperor's Clothes!
[Posted 4 June 2003]

Comments on an article by Scott Taylor...

How Guilty are NATO and the UN for Terror in Kosovo?
by Jared Israel
[Posted 3 June 2003]

Regarding the Armenian and Greek Genocides in Turkey
by Jared Israel
[Posted 27 May 2003]

U.S. and Iran agree: Sharia is 'all you need...'

Top Legal Advisory Group Pushes for Muslim Religious Law...
But the news report gets suppressed!
by Jared Israel
[Posted 26 May 2003]

An Emperor's Clothes scoop! If you have the impression the US is opposing Muslim fundamentalism, you will find this story shocking.

Out of the Looking Glass into a Brave New World
by Jared Israel
[Posted 21 May 2003 * Originally Posted July 1999]

This is one of the first articles written for Emperor's Clothes. We'll be reposting the best oldies from time to time. Hope you enjoy them - John Flaherty.

More on how Ramsey Clark Attacked Milosevic at
the National Press Club
by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser
[Posted 19 May 2003]

Visit this link for the Serbian translation
[Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom]

Ramsey Clark Poses as Milosevic's Lawyer...
and then smears the "client" on nationwide U.S. television!
by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser
Research by Andy Wilcoxson and Jared Israel
[Posted 17 May 2003]

Visit this link for the Serbian translation
[Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom]:

Belarusian World War II veterans, rear, march during Victory Day celebrations in Minsk, Belarus, Friday. Belarus celebrates the allied victory over Nazi Germany on May 9. Three million Belarus citizens died in the war. Today, there are about 109,000 veterans and about 60,000 concentration camp survivors living in Belarus. (AP Photo/Sergei Grits)

Articles with further insights into the US-led war in Iraq

Why the First Gulf War? To Protect Iranian Islamism
Little-known facts make it clear that this was the real purpose of Bush senior's war
by Francisco Gil-White
[posted 8 August 2003]

Key U.S. Official says U.S. 'Goal' in Iraq is...Islamic Rule
by Jared Israel
[Posted 7 May 2003]

The taking of the USS Lincoln:
George Junior and the Imaginary Presidency
While George W. Bush plays Hero, an apologist for Islamism is appointed to oversee a new constitution for Iraq.
by Jared Israel
[Posted 2 May 2003]

Reader asks: Why does it matter that
back in 1954 the US sponsored anti-Jewish
hate propaganda in Iraq?

by Jared Israel
[Posted 29 April 2003]

Strengthen Iran, Contain Iraq
US envoy to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad reveals US strategy behind the first Gulf War
by Jared Israel
[Posted 26 April 2003]

To Be Used *Only* if it Works....
In 1954, the U.S. Ambassador foments anti-Jewish racism in Iraq
Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 23 April 2003]

Note 25 April: the link to the racist caricatures of Jews from Nazi and post-1967 Soviet media seems not to work. So we have posted a page with several such caricatures.

More evidence of U.S.-Iranian collusion

U.S. 'Quietly' Bombs Troops Opposed to the Iranian Regime
by Douglas Jehl, International Herald Tribune
Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 19 April 2003]

Does EC article misrepresent Islam?

A Reader Criticizes Article on Alija Izetbegovic
Francisco Gil-White and Jared Israel reply
[Posted 18 April 2003]

Don't be taken in by the harsh words they may trade about Iraq

U.S. & Iran: Enemies in Public, but Secret Allies in Terror: The US and Iran have long cooperated to sponsor Islamist terrorism
by Jared Israel, Francisco Gil-White,
Peter Makara, and Nico Varkevisser
[Posted 13 April 2003]

Milosevic Committee: The state of emergency in Serbia and the slow murder of Slobodan Milosevic

Nico Varkevisser's Press Conference in Amsterdam
* Djindjic murder: excuse for political suppression
* Milosevic support work
targeted in Serbia
Tribunal decides whom Slobodan Milosevic does & does not need to see
Murder in slow motion
* Significance of Hague proceedings

Due Process in the Brave New Legal System
Digital copy of fax from Hague Tribunal reversing permission to visit, as requested by Slobodan Milosevic

[Posted 9 April 2003]

The US and Iran: enemies or allies? A few articles exploring this relationship:

Why the First Gulf War? To Protect Iranian Islamism
Little-known facts make it clear that this was the real purpose of Bush senior's war
by Francisco Gil-White
[posted 8 August 2003]

Strengthen Iran, Contain Iraq
US envoy to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad reveals US strategy behind the first Gulf War
by Jared Israel
[Posted 26 April 2003]

U.S. 'Quietly' Bombs Troops Opposed to the Iranian Regime
by Douglas Jehl, International Herald Tribune
Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 19 April 2003]

U.S. & Iran: Enemies in Public, but Secret Allies in Terror: The US and Iran have long cooperated to sponsor Islamist terrorism
by Jared Israel, Francisco Gil-White,
Peter Makara, and Nico Varkevisser
[Posted 13 April 2003]

Reader Says: “EC is Wrong; Iran is not Helping the US in Iraq”
Jared Israel Replies
[Posted 6 April 2003]

If the US Has Hostile Relations Towards Iran, Shouldn't Someone Tell the Iranians?
Article from the (London) Financial Times

Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 27 March 2003]

NATO-controlled authorities use Djindjic assassination as an excuse

Martial Law in Serbia
by Nebojsa Malic
[Posted 31 March 2003]

If the U.S. has hostile intentions towards Iran, shouldn't someone tell the Iranians?

Iran Works with the US in Iraq
Article from the (London) Financial Times

Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 27 March 2003]

The War on Iraq...

Worse than a Mistake
By Jared Israel, Francisco Gil-White,
Nico Varkevisser, Petar Makara
[Posted 25 March 2003]

Background info on Zoran Djindjic, murdered Serbian PM

From Der Spiegel: How Kostunica [and Djindjic!] Came to Power
Comments by Jared Israel, plus Further Reading.
[Originally Posted 10 July 2001. Posted with new comments, 16 March 2003]

The media is now praising Zoran Djindjic, the recently assassinated Serbian politician, as a great democrat and leader of the 'independent' anti-Milosevic opposition. But two years ago a German magazine wrote that the U.S. and Germany made the opposition's decisions & paid the bills!

How Djindjic & Kostunica Marketed the Extradition of Milosevic...
Socialist Party of Serbia Statement issued before the Milosevic kidnapping
Written for the SPS by Jared Israel

[Re-posted 14 March 2003]

The Treason of Vojislav Kostunica
Kostunica feigned innocence when Djindjic kidnapped Milosevic, but...
by Jared Israel
[Re-posted 14 March 2003]

Wilmer's Complaint: Djindjic Warns Washington
Djindjic gave a strange interview to Der Spiegel soon after the kidnapping. Gangster logic.

by Jared Israel
[Re-posted 14 March 2003]

These Djindjic People are Brownshirts
Interview with a Victim of a 'Democratic' Coup.
[Re-posted 14 march 2003]

Has the US sponsored Islamic fundamentalism in Bosnia?

Moderate Democrat or Radical Islamist?
Alija Izetbegovic, the Bosnian Leader Backed by Washington.
by Francisco Gil-White
[Posted 9 March 2003]

Three on Afghanistan and oil!

The Great Afghan Oil Pipeline Disaster:
Comic Relief for a War-Torn World

by Jared Israel
[Posted 6 March 2003]

News Reports on Would-be Afghanistan Pipeline
* Australian Financial Review: "Pipeline Plan Another Casualty"
* World Gas Intelligence: "Gazprom Plans New Turkmenistan Pipe"

[Posted 6 March 2003]

Afghanistan: It's Not 'About Oil'
By Jared Israel
[Originally Posted 13 May 2002]

The last article contains very revealing source material.

Why is Zalmay Khalilzad the U.S. 'Envoy' to Afghanistan and the Iraqi opposition?

Zalmay Khalilzad
Envoy for Islamic Terror
Compiled with Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 1 March 2003]

Oops! Two corrections. 1) We wrote, 'Before coming to U.S. intelligence, Indyk was deputy chief of Australian intelligence.' Martin Indyk's correct title was, 'Deputy Director of Current Intelligence for the Middle East.' 2) We wrote, 'Congressman Rohrabacher made the charge that in the late 1980s the State Department used treachery to help the Taliban.' The time period involved was of course the late 1990s.

At a reader's request...

Ben Bradlee's Speech About Tonkin Bay
Full text of his 1987 remarks about the lie that sold the Vietnam War.
[Posted 26 February 2003]

Does the U.S. have an 'Iranian Strategy'?

Iran Allegedly Sends
5000 Troops Into Northern Iraq
By Guy Dinmore
With comments by Jared Israel

[Posted 20 February 2003]

CORRECTION: As originally posted, the above article contained the typo that "5000 Iranian troops" had allegedly invaded northern Iraq. It should have read "5000 Iranian-backed troops." The article has been revised with new material, including on the SCIRI, the Iran-linked Iraqi exile organization involved in the alleged invasion, and more discussion of the odd character of the 'proposed' war.

Reader says he can no longer trust us about Yugoslavia because we say the ‘wrong’ things about Israel

"Yea Is Yea And Nay Is Nay;
Anything Else Smacketh Of Evil
Jared Israel Comments
[Posted 17 February 2003]

[Note: This exchange deals with Prof. Gil-White's article,
"Palestine is our Land and the Jews are our Dogs"

Pro-NATO government votes to dissolve Yugoslavia - illegally!

"Nothing Is Forever..."
In 1992, the US ambassador called for dissolving Yugoslavia
[Revised 2/7/2003]

"Am I from Mars?"                 
by Petar Makara                        
[Posted 6 February 2003]                
Articles by a Man
Without a Country
by Petar Makara
[Posted 2/6/2003]

The Vote Was illegal
by Jela Jovanovic                 
[Posted 6 February 2003]

Will Bosnia be the base for terrorist attacks by Muslim fundamentalists on Europe?

A Diabolical Game
The US In Bed With Terrorists
By Nico Varkevisser
[Posted 3 February 2003]

Readers Ask: “Aren't Israeli Jews Exposed to the Same Type of Racist Propaganda as Arabs?”
Jared Israel Replies 
[Posted 29 January 2003]

[Note: This exchange deals with Prof. Gil-White's article,
"Palestine is our Land and the Jews are our Dogs"

Reader Says: "You Are Forgetting The History of Israel-Palestine."
Francisco Gil-White Replies
[Posted 26 January 2003]

[Note: This exchange deals with Prof. Gil-White's article,
"Palestine is our Land and the Jews are our Dogs"

Francisco Gil-White's Article, "Palestine is our Land and the Jews are our Dogs" is now available in German at

"Witness To Jasenovac's Hell"

At the opening ceremonies of the Holocaust Museum in Washington in 1993, Croatian President Franjo Tudjman was an honored guest. This is remarkable. Tudjman was a Holocaust denier, a Serbophobe and an apologist for the Croatian clerical fascists known as Ustashas.

During World War II, the Ustashas set up Jasenovac, the first Nazi death camp in Europe. An Associated Press dispatch commented that Tudjman had written: "...the 'main characteristics' of Jews were 'selfishness, craftiness, unreliability, miserliness, underhandedness and secrecy."'

AP also reported that: "...Naomi Paiss, communications director for the museum, said the State Department recommended that Tudjman, as a democratically elected leader, be given an invitation." (AP, 21/4/93)

No representative of the Serbian people was permitted to take part in the Holocaust Museum opening. Pres. Clinton and Elie Wiesel both spoke, implicitly comparing the Serbs to Nazis. Clinton threatened war.

And while the Serbs, who had died alongside the Jews at Josenovac, were being denounced and threatened with slaughter at the opening of a Museum of the Holocaust, none of the speakers denounced the presence of Mr. Tudjman.

Why not? Is it because the dead lack clout? If so, it is not for want of numbers. As many as a million people (Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and Partisans) were slaughtered at Croatia's Jasenovac death camp by Mr. Tudjman's friends, slaughtered with such brutality that even the Nazis expressed shock.

Lest we forget, the camp was named JASENOVAC. Emperor's Clothes has 30 copies of the excellent book, "Witness to Jasenovac's Hell".
-- Jared Israel

*More about "Witness" * Order * Read chapter * Read article about "Witness" compiled to send as email (no pictures, includes comments above).

Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight
By Kevin Maguire
[Posted 11 Janurary 2003]

Are there any moderates in the Palestinian leadership? 

"Palestine is our Land and the Jews are our Dogs"
Anti-Semitism, Misinformation, and the Whitewashing of the Palestinian Leadership
By Francisco Gil-White
[Posted 10 January 2003]

Does Arafat's PLO represent secular moderation opposed to Islamic terrorism? Who picked the fight in the Middle East? The Jews? Or the Arab leadership?

Reader Asks: What Is Your Official Position on a Palestinian State?
Francisco Gil-White Replies
[Posted 10 January 2003]

'Himmler was their Defender!'
How a Bosnian Journal Celebrated the Nazi SS Past
by Dan Chukurov, Petar Makara, and Jared Israel
[Posted 9 January 2003]

A Los Angeles Reader Asks: Are You for or Against Saddam Hussein? Are You For or Against the Proposed War?
Jared Israel Replies: Emperor's Clothes is Against Projected War and Against Hussein.
[Posted 31 December 2002]

Pakistani Student Asks: Was Egyptian TV Mini-Series Really about "Protocols of Zion"?
With Quotes from Egyptian Press
[Posted 30 December 2002]

Press Conference Confirmation:

In the article, "Bush Gets Tangled in his 9-11 Lies, Part 1: A Strange White House Press Conference," we analyzed Ari Fleischer's 'press gaggle' the evening of Sept. 11th. In it, Mr. Fleischer flatly contradicted later statements by Pres. Bush regarding when he learned a terrorist attack was underway. We found the transcript of the gaggle on a search engine that does not provide Internet links. However, one of our ever-vigilant readers has located it at the following link:

Reader Comments: "I am no anti-Semite. Why do some parts of 'The Protocols of Zion' Ring True?"
Jared Israel Replies: "The clue is in the sources used to create this hoax."
[Posted 25 December 2002]

CORRECTION - Footnote #4 gives an incorrect link to the transcript of the "Muslim Woman" TV interview with a young child, cited as an example of efforts to indoctrinate Muslims with anti-Semitism.

The video can be viewed at

The correct url for the transcript is

Raped, beaten, sold - a child's view of Albanian gangs' vice grip on Britain
Scotland Yard fearful at spread of violent crime across Europe into UK cities
by Nick Hopkins, crime correspondent
The Guardian, Monday December 23, 2002
[Posted 24 December 2002]

At reader's request:

Full Text of Reporter's Account of Evening Spent with Nasir Oric, Commander of Bosnian Muslim Forces in Srebrenica
[Posted 21 December 2002]

Exclusive Report from International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milsoevic (ICDSM)
Attorney Tiphaine Dickson at The Hague
[Posted 18 December 2002]

A Rare Glimpse at the Reality of the Bosnian War
-- Associated Press Article with Comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 18 December 2002]

Two Unbelievable Documents from The Hague
by Jared Israel
[12 December 2002]

Jared Israel's WKOPN FM Radio Interview, "What really Happened on 9-11," was posted with non-working links. That's corrected now.

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